Best Video Software For Bloggers

Sotiris  —  February 6, 2015
These video software products are ideal for anyone who has an online business. Whether you are a blogger , video marketer, internet marketer or sell products and services online. Using these products will get you more traffic optins and sales or prospects.
  1. EVS

    This tool does screen capturing creates videos in multiple formats that work in all smartphones, computers , Ipads and tablets

    It also allows you to upload your videos directly to Amazon S3 on your own video hosting so you do not have to worry about You Tube,Vimeo or any of the other social networks deleting your videos. 🙂

    Click Here to Learn More About EVS

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  2. Easy Video Maker

    This software helps you create professional screenwriting videos with background music or voicovers.

    Comes with multiple different ready made scripts for your business which is easily customised .

    Yes you can create your own really cool professional video in 20 mins.

    Click Here to Learn More About Easy Video Maker

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What will work better with all your cool video software than your own professional customisable blog. That you can use to make money while you sleep. All with built in call to actions Social Share Buttons and great SEO ranking capability too.