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Are You Buying A Job Or Building A Business

In the video below Andrew Reynolds Explains The Difference between buying a job or creating a business, many people are under the illusion that their self empoyed work is in fact a business when it really a job. Which category does your income streams fall into to?

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Are You Buying A Job Or Building A Business

People are programmed from when they are children to prepare for a job. To look for Job security unfortunately there is very little hope of job security and if you really do want Job security you may find that you have to pay three times the price of what you thought.

Although I really enjoyed watching this on Netflix if you read between the lines you will see. These people are just pawns for big corporations and the freedom and justice story they are feeding the viewers is pure BS..


  1. Although these guys are the heros in the movie if you take a close look you will realise. They have no real choice or freedom being sent away to hostile places, getting orders where to go what to do and how to do it.

  2. The truth is that the people who really set up the wars do it for financial gain and also because they want a population reduction . What easier ways to do this than to blow people up and murder people so that the big corporations can profit.

    The wars are really about controlling oil, food and water supplies and the central banks taking over the world. People need to realise what is going on and take away the power from these puppet masters. That rule us using fear media and religion to start wars and propoganda.

If you really want to have true freedom you need to make a stand against these real terrorists and not the invented ones paid by the CIA.

You need to run your own business that way you can chose what income you are worth and stop being a slave to big corporations.

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