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What Successful Home Business Owners Know about Holidays

One of the first thingsI learned when I started marketing online was the fact that I can make money no matter where in the world I am, No matter what I am doing as long as I have 30 mins to spare, and an Internet Connection then making money is never an issue.

I remember a few of my first experiences of making money while on holiday the first was selling and getting countless books shipped while travelling through Europe, Bulgaria And Greece.  Then I was away for a few days at an Internet Marketing seminar and I came home to 40 Clickbank sales which I made on Twitter on complete autopilot, while I was sitting in a room listening to an Internet Marketing seminar in London for three days.

Until you have experienced this it may seem to you necessary to work in a 9 To 5 Job 5 to 7 days a week.  The truth is it really isn’t you can change the way you live by having an online business.  It will take commitment in the beginning and in many cases a lot of work till you figure things out.

It is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can be something to make you money with less stress and hassle than a conventional 9 TO 5 there are also tax benefits in many countries as well when you are running a business.


Personally I absolutely love to travel especially in the car with my family, get to see different places, different cultures and taste different foods.  Who wouldn’t well maybe not everyone likes driving as much as me.  But I just love cruising around the countryside in my Mercedes Benz taking in the surroundings and local traditions.

What about you?  This may not be to everybody’s taste,  you may like staying at home or being in a familiar surrounding?  I like a mixture of both I think there is a part of me that is a bit of a gypsy who likes travelling and being on the road.

And another part that just loves being at home working in my office doing what I like when I like.


The great thing about life is you can make that choice nobody will force you to work a 9 to 5 that is a choice you make everyday.   I sometimes hear people say I cannot afford or do not have time to start an online business, the truth is you need a couple of hundred bucks a month and a couple of hours a day to get started.

You can get started for less but by the time you buy the serious tools for your online business this will probably be your approximate outlay.

Question is can you handle paying a couple of hundred $$$$ s  a month for a business that can make you 5 figures monthly?

That is something you have to decide ?


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What Successful Home Business Owners Know about Holidays

15 Top Tips To Create A Successful Online Business

I created this post last night thought it would be useful to anyone starting or building a business online..

There are lots of questions when it comes to marketing businesses, products and services online.  But the bottom line is people want more money, more customers and to get more eyeballs on their products and services.

So today I decided to come up with 15 Tips To Create A Successful Online Business.  Please note all these tips  are not set in stone, but they will help you grow a bigger online presence and a higher success rate..

1. Create A Daily Video Upload It To You Tube– making sure to add your keywords, tags and full website url in the first line of your video’s description.

2. Use more than one social network to promote your online business.That way if one gets deleted or changes their rules. Your business will not disappear completely overnight.

3. Find someone creating the online success you want and follow what they do, if possible ask them to mentor you.

4. Have a blog or website where your customers  can find out more about you, your products and your services and contact you directly.

5. Post helpful and informative content that your customers or prospects need.  by doing this it will in turn make them like and trust you much more quickly.

6. Be consistent on one online business and make it work before hopping on the next shiny object business or fad.

7. Have belief in your business service or product.  This will hugely increase your chances of success, let’s face it if you don’t believe in it then it will be hard to convince other people to believe in it.

8. Work on your mindset consistently, study successful people and learn to think like them.

9. Every day do something to increase your social media following on one or more of the social networks. By interaction and becoming friends or followers of other people and interacting with them.

10. Decide on what your goals are and start to visualize them, The car you want, the house you want,the partner you want be as descriptive as possible and imagine you being there already. Use all your senses when doing this for the best results.

11. Focus daily on at least three moneymaking activities per day.

Blogging is not a moneymaking activity but these things are remember if you do not promote or share your blog posts, your chances of making money with it are minimal..

A. Advertising the blog on social media sites

B. Creating a video daily with a link to your business products

C. Sending an email to your list of subscribers.

D. Placing a Classified Ad

E. Placing a Facebook Ad

F. Creating a Bing Ad

G. Creating a Google Paid Ad

H.Creating a Twitter Paid Ad

I. Creating a You Tube Video Ad

J. Tweeting about your Business

K. Posting on Pinterest links to your Business

L. Posting Your Business On Facebook Groups And Pages

M. Telling prospective customers about your business.

N. Posting your content on skype.

12. Spend less time gossiping and more time marketing your business.

13. Stop watching Television Soaps and dramas unless you want to be one of them.

14. A balance between working and learning.

I know some people that spend all their time watching trainings,going to webinars,going to events and they never make a penny. Get the balance right 30% Learning 70% Action learning without action it is like reading a book about driving a car. You can read the book your whole life but when you get behind the wheel of a car you are a clueless dangerous idiot. Unless someone sits beside you and shows you what to do.

15.  This is the most important the only way to fail in your online business is quit.  Having a bad mindset can be dangerous but quitting guarantees failure everytime. Stay in the game after everyone else has quit and you will be a winner..

P.S. Building a business that can change your life rarely takes weeks or months in fact it takes years so if you are in it for the short term or looking big money today.. Then forget it go look for a high paying job..

And Most Importantly Always Have A Call To Action On Every Piece Of Content You Ever Produce If You Want To Get Paid.. 

The truth is when it comes to my business I only want people who are willing to do what it takes to make a lot of money in this business,  So far I have made well over $30k online from this one business so  far.

So I am looking for commitment what you will get in return is personal access to me over Skype, Facebook or even a personal visit whenever I am near your country or  location. Just last week I visited one of my team members in Athens, Greece.


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In fact 30% of people who join go in at the $1000 level So 8 $25 sales a month will get you $2200 to $3200  of course if you join at the $25 level you pass up those 2 or 3 thousand dollar commissions as you didn’t own the $1000 product to sell it and it will go to me or one of my upline.  The choice is entirely yours..

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Anything you do in life would be pointless without a purpose, finding our purpose is a very important part of our journey in life. To me one of the things I love the most about what I do is the Freedom.My purpose is freedom,freedom to chose,freedom to be with my family,and freedom from the rat race. The first step in achieving freedom is believing in it..  If you want to experience freedom and levitate to another level

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15 Top Tips To Create A Successful Online Business

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Business Transformation Opportunity With Bonuses For Limited Time Only

$100 While I had my dinner

Sotiris  —  February 13, 2015

$100 While I had my dinner

Was just down making a curry and came upstairs to another $100 commission residual income the best part it was a pass up one of my  team members brought into this business. 

This business is not the easiest business in the world to do but by following the formula committing to take the actions necessary.  I do not know any online business which pays out these commissions or where you have such an awesome team of successful entrepreneurs lifting each other up..

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$100 While I had my dinner

How To Start An Online Business The Easy Way

When it comes to being able to have your own business online so that you can work from home.  Or anywhere you choose there are quite a few different options.


The downside is that nearly all of these business require you to learn something or already know some things to be able to be successful in them.

Of course you can always start learning from scratch if you choose, or spend weeks months maybe even years working out what you need to do. In order to start creating an online income from your business.

Or maybe you would prefer me to save you lots of time by using a shortcut. In fact a ready made online business system.

This system is fully explained in a step by step easy to understand video and webinar trainings.  Plus also includes live trainings howing you how to run your own ready made online business system.

In my ten years marketing online I have tried many marketing methods and systems, but I have never ever seen a system that gets results for as many newbies as this system.

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How To Start An Online Business The Easy Way

What Successful People Know About Getting Cashback On Their Shopping

A while ago one of my Facebook friends messaged me  and asked if you we could meet up for a coffee in Starbucks some time.  I agreed and the next day we met up.  As an internet marketer my main interest and business was and still is Internet Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Listbuilding ETC.

So when he mentioned shopping I was already not interested why?  Because I never really think of myself as a compulsive shopper.



Then he asked me a few simple questions.


1. Q Do you buy Petrol or Diesel Weekly for your car?


A. My Answer  Yes I buy Diesel About £50 a Week


2. Q Do you or your wife go shopping in a supermarket every week to buy groceries food etc. 


A.  Of course doesn’t everybody?


3. Q Do you go on holidays? And If So Do You Shop In Different places when you are on holiday?


A. Yes I do both in fact.


4. Q Do you ever do any work around your house or DIY?


A.  Yes I do in fact I bought a conservatory three kitchens last year and spent tens if not hundreds of thousands in DIY stores over the last few years.


5. Q Do you ever buy accessories for your car or parts when it needs repaired?


A. Yes All the time car batteries, Oil Filters Air Filters, Tyres,Brake Pads, Sattellite navigation system, car stereos roofbox, roofrack for our holidays  etc.


6. Q Do You Have Any Children?


A. Yes I have three boys.


7. Q Do you ever buy your Children or yourself bicycle Accessories, bikes, camping equiptment or things like that ?


A.  Yes I bought us all bikes, many bicycle accessories and a car pump.


8. Q When you buy from these shops Did you ever get anything back?


A.  Only a few Clubcard points from some of the petrol stations or supermarket chains.


9. Q Would you like to get between 1 and 5% cashback  and up to up to 30% loyalty bonus when you buy things that you buy anyway?


A. Of course I would be stupid if I didn’t lol…


10. Q Did you know that by doing this consistently you could get tens more likely hundreds or thousands of pounds discount over the next few months/years money that you will be spending anyway.


A. Hmm I never really thought about that before.


11.  Q Did you know you could recommend people to join for Free and when they go shopping and buy the things they buy anyway and get cashback you will get 1% of whatever they spend plus a loyalty bonus which adds up to even more money over a period of time?


A.  How Do I Join..


12.  Did you also know that a retailer can pay to join as a member and offer their customers discounts.  So John who owns the fruit and vegetable shop can pay £1800 to become a premium member and then offer his customers 5% cashback and let them register for free to get cashback in his shop.   But also because they registered through him when they shop in Tesco , Marks and Spencer, Buy Diesel or Petrol  in Morrisons or Tesco, Buy A computer In Pc World or an electrical Appliance in Currys or buy cosmetics from boots or a conservatory or kitchen from B & Q . John will get paid 1% off all the money they spend for life in all those shops using our company?


A. WOW…..


Could You Sign Me Up I want to also be a premium member and join with my business too.  🙂 


I then asked a few questions  

Q Is this company  worldwide or just in the UK Or USA..  

This country is Worldwide it is in most countries and continually expanding


Q Can you register online?

Yes You Can Register Using The Link Below


Q How do I get My Discounts and Cashback

The Cashback gets send directly to your bank account when it reaches a certain threshhold this depends on your country and currency. 


Q When Can I Start? 

You can join and get started right away





Then Click On The Register Link On The Next Page and Register For Free It’s As Simple As That.


Please Note It Is Very Important That After You Fill In The Registration Form You Go Back To Your Email And Click Confirm Or Your Registration Will Not Be Activated..










What Successful People Know About Getting Cashback On Their Shopping

This picture says it all. Which would you rather be a corporate slave or a business owner? I made my choice a long time ago.. What about you? If you are still in the rat race it is never to early or late to exit just click on the link or button below to get started…

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