Jonathan Budd Interview With Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) Part 3

Sotiris  —  March 18, 2013


Jonathan Budd Interview With Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) Part 3

Continued From Part 2

By this stage in his business Jonathan Budd has a regular new stream of leads and started calling them up. In 6 months he brought in 10k of new business into his organisation and got a cheque for $2800..

Jonathan Budd- I gave my capture page to whoever wanted to use it. The traffic exchange was a desperate place by this stage I had stopped using it..  I used all warm market strategies with my leads.. Then it was all about plugging them into a duplicatable system..

It is important to bring value to your group to build influence. At my first event I only got one person to the event that was in salt lake city..

Eric Worre

I was speaking to a really successful network marketer I asked him what is the secret to being successful in network marketing and he said to me. You see this room there are a few hundred people here today. Last month there where a few hundred too. Half of them have gone and 50% are new people . The people that where here the month before that half of them where there from the previous month and half where gone. So after 3 months 66% where gone..  Only 33% left.. So after a year 7%..  So if you want to be in the top ten per cent of earners just keep going that is the secret..  Don’t quit.. Keep Going

Jonathan Budd

Here is what started occurring as I clicked ads I learned internet marketing and lead generation techniques. Once I had that $1800 cheque come in. I put that straight into advertising on the Google content network. And the only place my ad was showing up was in Malaysia for some reason. At that point I learned I needed to refine my skills and the leads built up to about 6 or 700 Leads.

I then found the warrior forum and learned lots of cool stuff there. Then I was able to send an email get a response and make a sale.

My influence was growing..