Jonathan Budd Interview With Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) Part 4

Sotiris  —  March 18, 2013


Jonathan Budd Interview With Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) Part 4

I started developing my own voice my own style of communication.

My organisation was growing I met loads of Internet Marketing characters on the internet. Big characters when we start online we assume others are going to do it for us. I got attracted into the world of another Internet Marketer. The automated phone calls on lockdown. It turned out he was a crook he didn’t deliver on anything . So I got the heck out of there. I started thinking bigger after that. I joined this opportunity sent an email to my group and signed up 22 people in my first month..

I got my leads up to 2000 people,I kept growing my money and reinvesting it into Internet Marketing. I was not passionate about this company anymore so it fell apart. We love companies to pieces but we don’t know what is going to come around the next month. Be in integrity with your own experience I had created a new way to find an audience, this changed my life.

We learn from our own pain journey I joined another company and made 50,000 a month in 60 days.. I had now made 400k that year and brought 7000 people into my network that year.

At this stage I was still living in my parents house.

Here is what you need to do to be successful online.

1. Build Traffic

2. Build An Audience

3. Bring value to that community

Eric Worre

What changed?

Jonathan Budd

You should never deviate from your principles. Facebook is one of the easiest places to create value for people with over a Billion People..

I taught people how to build themselves.

Build yourself as the solution as the leader to help them grow.