Jonathan Budd Interview With Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) Part 5

Sotiris  —  March 18, 2013


Jonathan Budd Interview With Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) Part 5

Eric Worre

28 years old and from nothing to 10 million dollars. If you had to start a business from scratch today  Would you advise Facebook?

Jonathan Budd

It depends on what you want and what is your commitment.

I would pick one technique or method and focus on it. Post on Facebook and generate leads . Place a  banner  on a site or websites. Many people chase shiny objects.

Focus on 1 really powerful advertising medium.

Eric Worre

What is the best way for a warm market and cold market to co exist.

5 Things that if you where starting today. What would you do to build an MLM downline. If you had a computer and $1000 dollars .

Jonathan Budd

1. Invest in myself be unstoppable coming from a place of pure power. Your enthusiasm will affect people.

2. Start a Facebook fanpage put an ad on my wall position myself as someone looking to mentor others looking to reach their goal.

Looking fot XYZ people..

Spend $200 drive a few hundred people build 30 leads this should be enough leads to get me in contact with 15 people on the phone.. If I phone 15 people I am definetely going to close one or two.

Make a $200 sale and get $100 commission that would make my advertising money back till after a few months I would have 1000 people following me on my fanpage.

And have 500 people in my autoresponder and ten people in my team I would email them more so that turns into money. Provide value on fanpage must develop an over flowing value.

Post videos that inspire you. Your lessons that have impacted your life is what you should be sharing. How you are growing. The more people you talk to the better you get at talking to people.

Automated webinars are now the most savvy way to present things. Get engagement from a medium attendance. To anybody who wants to automate their presentation process it is an extremely useful tool. Invite them to attend a free class helping them Recruit them at the end.

What creates the most powerful results is audience and influence. So create a large audience show the most effective ways to build audiences and influence them.

I used the internet to build audiences then closed them on the phone I put 2400 people in a company in 4 months. Just continue to scale these things.

The most important thing is having a heart of gold.

That way you will affect people. I get a lot of my inspiration from the gratitude that I feel and things change last of all stay committed and stay focused..