Tips For Better Results On You Tube

Sotiris  —  February 2, 2015

Tips For Better Results On You Tube

Want to make your business or services famous thanks to You Tube here are a few tips to help you get better results from your marketing efforts.

1. Protect Your You Tube Channel – Be careful what you are doing videos about  on You Tube as there are lots of things that can get your account banned or strikes on your account.  If you want to upload a video and you are in any doubt whether it is in You Tubes guidelines. Then at the least make sure your video is set to private or unlisted  and not  public.  Also do not use copyright content as this also puts your account in danger.

2. No Link = No Money  – One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they set up a You Tube account is they forget to put their website link in the video description or instead of putting they put . Without the prefix in your you tube description in front of the url http://  the link will not be clickable (It won’t work).  That means no visitors or a lot less visitors for your website.

3. Add a subscribe button in your videos – In you tube you can add a call to action or a subscribe button to appear anytime throughout your video take advantage of this so you can get more subscribers


4. Do your keyword research – Find out what people are looking for using the keyword tool or keyword snatcher to come up with lots of ideas of keywords that your target market will be typing. That way you will get people finding your videos when they search for them.


5. Ask your friends subscribers to Watch Like And Comment on your videos – You Tube videos  that receive a lot more likes,comments  will rank much higher in You Tube or Google than ones with no interaction or views. Another way to get some views and interaction on your You Tube videos is email your You Tube videos to your list or post your You Tube Videos in large relevant Facebook Groups or other online communities.

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5 Tips For Better Results On You Tube